FEA stress results showing temperature distribution and stresses

BNC Engineering Solutions

BNC Engineering Solutions

BNC Engineering SolutionsBNC Engineering SolutionsBNC Engineering Solutions

BNC Engineering Solutions is a mechanical engineering consultancy with over 70 years industry experience.


Newcastle University

Prototype biological wastewater treatment plant designed and built for Newcastle University

BNC have delivered new testing facility for Newcastle University ( Biological Engineering: Wastewater Innovation at Scale)



Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Using SolidWorks Simulation FEA software 

Proof of concept development

CAD modelling, one off manufacture

New product design

Mechanical and basic electronic and electrical designs


CNC milling machine (Tormach 440) to help you make initial prototypes

Finite Element analysis ( FEA )

FEA results of a steel construction

Detailed analysis of components and structures using SolidWorks Simulation.

Finite element analysis results for a section of pipe

Includes contact analysis of assemblies, non-linear materials and thermal studies. 

Mesh and loads applied to an FEA analysis

Fatigue, non-linear static, non-linear dynamic and linear dynamics studies are possible.

Sea Fastening Design


Design or Third Party Checking

BNC’s engineers have extensive experience of sea fastenings design including load calculation and sea fastening steelwork or rigging specification. We have gained approval for low-cost single-use cargo sea fastenings, long-term installation of deck equipment and reusable bolted designs for heavy mobile machinery.      

We can carry out vessel or platform deck strength analysis to optimize the stowage arrangement and grillage alignment.

We have also carried out finite element and hand calculations to verify design proposals from shipping contractors.  

Structural analysis

Hatch door that was analysed by BNC

 Structural calculations and Third-Party design reviews carried out to code requirements.

 Includes reviews of mechanical and structural equipment for various applications including building access, offshore structures, renewables and marine equipment.

We have PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 and 15 for hand calculations.

Component Optimization


We work with clients to identify design improvements:

• weight reduction

• failure investigation

• fatigue studies

• improving manufacturing processes

proof of concept development

Desktop biological watsewater treatment plan designed by BNC

We work with our clients to develop their concepts into detailed designs including CAD modelling, supporting calculations and documents or drawings required to justify the design. We can arrange manufacture of one-off or small batch prototypes, including rapid prototyping or machining. 


Solidworks CAD FEA
Mathcad calculations software
Autodeck Fusion 360 used by BNC

Our Offices

St James Church yello doors Newcastle

Where to find us

We are near Newcastle City Hall. On the pedestrianised road down to the Northumbria University campus.

Yellow Door

Our offices are through the door on the right side of the building


We have visitor parking, so that should make it easier when you come and see us.

Contact Us

Chris Lawrence 07456 912227

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BNC Engineering Solutions Ltd

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